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MIGLASIL 362.50-38 WIDTH 1000 MM IN ROLL OF 25 M

(Code: 15-10200-01)

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MIGLASIL 362.50-38 WIDTH 1000 MM IN ROLL OF 25 M

MIGLASIL 362.50-38 - WIDTH 1000 MM

Miglasil 362.50 consists of phlogopite mica paper impregnated with a high quality silicone resin.

It is a relatively thick yet highly flexible thermal and electrical insulating material recommended for applications up to the highest temperatures, using the most heat resistant phlogopite mica (1200 °C).
Completely free of asbestos and ceramic fibers, Miglasil is noncombustible and free of any toxic gas and halogen emission.
The high flexibility allows shaping and folding around complex shapes.
Remaining flexible even after long exposures to highest temperatures, Miglasil 362.50 does not form carbonized tracks.

- Flexible thermal insulation material
- Withstanding extreme high temperatures
- Available in rolls
- Completely free of asbestos or ceramic fibers
- For the melting industry

Features :
- Resin : Silicone
- Reinforcement : Mica
- Thickness : 0,38 MM
- Temperature : + 1200 °C
- Thermal conductivity : ≤ 0,2 W/m.K

Applications :
Miglasil 362.50 is a thermal and electrical insulation material primarily used in the melting industry for induction furnaces as slip plane material or to house temperature sensors.
Other applications can be insulations within lifting magnets, domestic appliances, and heat and fire shields in general.
The material can be cut or punched in the required form.