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TEROSON RB 81 15 x 1,5 MM IN ROLL OF 40 M

(Code: 02-10411-02)

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TEROSON RB 81  15 x 1,5 MM IN ROLL OF 40 M

TEROSON RB 81 - 15 x 1,5 MM

Teroson RB 81 is a high quality, strongly adhesive sealing tape based on butyl rubber with plasto-elastic properties.

  • Provides a firm lamination between the contact surfaces
  • Reliable sealing effect
  • Self-welding
  • Higher temperature influence for a short time has no adverse effect on quality and function

Teroson RB 81 can be used for sealing in the following areas:
  • Sealing and antiflutter of trim panels, protective and covering trims, protective panels in the container and tank industry
  • Sealing of overlaps in steel, steel sheet, aluminum, glass and plastic constructions in sheet metal fabricating industry, in the electrical industry or in apparatus and machinery engineering
  • Bonding of PE foils, plastic sheets (e.g. EPDM) or parts in plastic engineering and manufacture
  • As protection against contact corrosion between steel and nonferrous metals
  • In the electrical industry for sealing and bedding parts with low vibration
Technical characteristics
  • Colour : Black
  • Density : approx. 1,26 g/cm
  • Constitency : sof, plasto-elastic
  • Solids : 100%
  • Elastograph value : approx. 0,115 Nm
  • Penetration (cone 150 g, 6 s, 23C) : approx. 71 1/10 mm
  • Tack : Very strong
  • Paint comptability : can be painted
  • Working temperature : -40C to +80C
  •     Short exposure (up to 1h) : +200C