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CRC 3-36 IN 20 L DRUM

(Code: 03-10601-03)

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CRC 3-36 IN 20 L DRUM
CRC 3-36 is based on a paraffinic oil and a multiple organic inhibitor system that prevents rust and corrosion by displacing and sealing out moisture and by forming a continuous protection barrier against water and oxygen.
The oily, almost invisible film of CRC 3-36 lubricates and penetrates into the finest pores and cracks of the surface.

CRC 3-36’s effectiveness for surface protection is derived from three of its principal properties:
- affinity for metal
- low surface tension
- high capillary action.

By its affinity for metal and low surface tension CRC 3-36 displaces moisture and separates it from contact with the metal surface.
The high capillary action contributes to the great spreading power. 

Features :
- Multi-purpose lubricant, penetrant and corrosion inhibitor.
- Displaces and seals out moisture, especially after washing or hosing off engines or equipment.
- Penetrates through corrosion to loosen frozen parts.
- Lubricates without leaving a sticky residue.
- Cleans light soils and contaminants.
- Prevents 'fingerprinting' by its protective film.
- Protection of all metals and alloys.
- Compatible with most painted surfaces, coatings, plastics and rubbers.
- Equipped with the 360° (upside-down) spray valve for added convenience.
- Pressurised with non-flammable CO2propellant.
- Active product content of 97%.
- Specifications : NSN 6850-00-050-0659