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(Code: 06-10011-01)

Data Sheet
Discontinued Product
CAF 50 is a one component silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature:
- Alcohol type.
- Non flowing.
- Black (standard color), Grey (to order).
- Primerless adhesion

It has a chemically neutral curing system, guaranteeing no oxidation on contact with metals.

Odorless, it is particularly well accepted around the workstation environment.

CAF 50 has a skin formation time that is suited to industrial constraints allowing great flexibility in processing.
It has high mechanical properties as well as remarkable performance levels in terms of :
- resistance to engine and gearbox fluids,
- adhesion to metals and plastics. 

Features :
- Hardness : 33 Shore A
- Modulus at 100 % elongation : 0,7 MPa
- Tensile strength : 2,1 MPa
- Elongation at break : 350 %
- Tear strength : 8,5 kN/m
- Temperature range ( in continuous ) : -60 °C / +185 °C

Applications :
CAF 50 has been specially developed for professional customers. It is well suited to requirements in terms of performance and cost effectiveness in sealing and bonding using wet gasketing techniques in the automotive sector (drive train, etc.), in the domestic appliance sector, for electrical and electronic applications …

Automotive and vehicles in general
CAF 50 is the ideal elastomer for bonding and/or gasketing between materials of different types.
- Sealing of housings and covers on engines.
- Sealing of water pump, oil filter and air filter casings.
- Bonding of main headlight and auxiliary light lenses.
- Inlet collectors.
- Air conditioning systems.
- Gearboxes...
- Sealing/bonding of electrical and electronic parts.
- Sealing/bonding applications having to withstand a marine environment.

Domestic appliances
The characteristics and performance levels of CAF 50 make it ideally suited to many bonding and sealing applications for domestic appliance components :
- Bonding of iron water containers.
- Bonding of microwave oven components.
- Bonding of ceramic cooking hob components, ovens, cooker fascias.
- Many different bonding applications for small domestic appliances... 

Electrical and electronics
Its chemical neutrality and bonding under conditions of humid heat make CAF 50 the ideal protective product, providing long lasting protection at continuous temperatures up to 185 °C.

General industry
CAF 50 provides perfect flexible sealing and bonding in many industrial areas: original equipment, maintenance, servicing, repair.