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BONDERITE C-AD 42900 IN DRUM ( 100 x 20 ML )

(Code: 69-16000-80)

Data Sheet
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BONDERITE C-AD 42900 IN DRUM ( 100 x 20 ML )
BONDERITE C-AD 42900 is a defoamer based on glycols and surface-active raws.
Because of the new water soluble foil package, an easy and clean application is possible.
Also the risk of overdosing is minimized.

BONDERITE C-AD 42900 is completely water dispersible and will not adhere to metal surfaces.
Surface disturbances in subsequent process steps are not likely to happen.
However, a preliminary compatibility test, e.g. to metalworking fluids or coating systems is recommended.

The product is not suitable for highly concentrated electrolyte solutions.
The solubility of the pouches should be checked with the application solution before usage.

Features :
- Appearance : Opaque, colorless, two phases
- Density at 20 °C : ~1,01 g/cm³
- Concentration : 0,5 to 5 g/l
- Operating Temperature : 20 - 60 °C