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3M 9416 WIDTH 19,1 MM IN ROLL OF 66 M

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3M 9416 WIDTH 19,1 MM IN ROLL OF 66 M


3M Repositionable Tapes are double coated tapes that are ideal for applications where one or both parts need to be repositioned or removed easily

Applications :
- 3M Repositionable Tapes 9415PC and 9416 have a low tack adhesive on the back side (exterior of roll) and a high tack ("permanent”) adhesive on the face side (interior of roll).
This means liner covers the low tack adhesive and the high tack adhesive is exposed when the tape is unwound.
– The low tack adhesive side allows for removal from many films, foils, and papers and will not cause delamination from most paper stock.
In many cases this side can be reused numerous times.
The user should perform specific tests to determine the product’s suitability for the particular application.
– Flexible materials will adhere better to the low tack adhesive than will rigid materials (e.g. paper vs. cardboard).
It may also be necessary to remove curl from certain materials to avoid material separation from the tape over time.
– 3M Repositionable Tape 928 is identical to 3M tape 9416 for the hand-held ATG applicator.

Characteristics :
- Carrier : Non woven tissue
- Adhesive : Acrylic
- Color : White
- Thickness : 0,06 MM
- Temperature : +65 °C
- Solvent resistance : Fair
- UV resistance : Good
- Plasticizer resistance : Good